Shorpak Pty Ltd commenced operations in April 2012 after its owners identified the need for a specialised Quarantine and Logistics Service provider focused primarily on the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries.

Through the experience of Shorpak Directors, Management and Employees we are able to offer a service that is unique for each customer and industry. Our experience is drawn from many backgrounds across the Quarantine and Logistics’ and Resource Sectors. This unique experience and skills set allow us the ability to offer each customer a tailored service to meet and exceed their requirements.

At our Henderson Facility we can offer Quarantine Cleaning, Transport, Warehousing and Storage, and Shrink Wrapping Services. This facility is Quarantine approved and Shorpak is a leading Quarantine Service provider for Australia’s largest resources project – Chevron’s Gorgon Gas Project.

Quarantine Cleaning can be offered on almost any piece of equipment or machine imaginable, our wash down facility, equipment and experience allows Shorpak to clean all types of equipment including, cars, trucks, earthmoving and mining machines. This Quarantine remediation process can also include smaller items, consolidation and removing any quarantine threats or risk materials in line with our clients ‘Quarantine Management System’.

Shorpak through their own vehicles, experienced staff and wide network of specialised subcontractors are able to offer customers a complete end to end logistics solution. No matter the size of cargo or destination Shorpak will be able to modify and deliver a high quality solution for each individual customer.
With our Henderson Facility coupled with metropolitan and remote storage location we have the ability to store and distribute cargo for our customers regardless of the size, shape or location.

Quarantine or UV Shrink Wrapping is an ever going division of Shorpak which can be performed at any one of our facilities or alternatively at a third party or suppliers premise. Shrink Wrapping can be a cost effective option to ensure your equipment is fully protected during transport or storage. With the environmental sensitivity of some locations for our resources projects, shrink wrapping also allows materials and equipment to enter environmentally sensitive areas without bringing any plants, pests or animals that may have a negative impact on the environment.